About 1000 Degrees Pizza of Millville NJ

Who We Are

1000 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria is an Italian restaurant in Millville, NJ, that offers a unique take on a classic dish. Whether it’s our brick oven baked pizzas or our delicious wings, we start with the freshest ingredients to bring you the perfect meal. Our menu ranges from make-your-own salads to chicken wings. Alongside our signature thin crust pizza, we also offer Roman style, hand-tossed pizzas which feature a thicker, chewier crust.

Our Story

At 1000 Degrees Neapolitan Pizza, we take the allure of authentic, hand-tossed Neapolitan pizza and give it an American spin. Our fast-casual restaurants serve personalized and authentic Neapolitan pizzas which are made-to-order. We start with the perfect crust which is made with genuine typo 00 flour just like they use in the old country. Then we continue with only the best ingredients which are served on our tasty, hand-tossed dough. While traditional Neapolitan pizzas have a slightly undercooked center, we’ve changed that by baking our pizzas in a hot brick oven at 1000 degrees. This results in a pizza with a crisp, thin crust which is baked to a mild char. And if you prefer a thicker crust, we offer a delicious Roman pizza which is crisp outside and soft and chewy on the inside.

We use only the freshest, high-quality ingredients from our veggies to our meats which results in the most flavorful pizza experience anywhere. This is truly what keeps our customers raving about our food.

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What makes us different?

Yes, our ingredients are fresh but what truly makes us different is the way we bake our pizzas. Our revolving Neapolitan brick oven is custom designed to rotate our pizzas directly across the flames to mouth-watering perfection in just about 2 minutes. The extreme heat and fast cooking times combined with the finest cheeses, perfectly seasoned sauces, and quality toppings create the most incredible tasting pizzas you will find anywhere.

As good as this all sounds, it gets even better! We allow you to customize your pizza by choosing from over 30 fresh & delicious toppings! Choose your sauce, your crust, your cheeses, veggies, meats and more. The possibilities are almost endless! Call or contact us today!

Made To Order

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