Pizza Menu For Delivery or Pickup

People want to know what makes our pizza so special and why we are the best pizza place near in Millville NJ. Well, there a few things which make our pizza stand out at 1000 Degrees Pizza in Millville. First, we start with making the perfect dough. We prepare it the authentic Neapolitan way, using a recipe which dates back 100 years which uses typo II flour. The dough is made fresh and hand-tossed – none of that frozen stuff for us!

On our menu we use the freshest ingredients for our sauces and toppings. We don’t skimp on quality either, we select only the finest artisan-made cheeses and imported meats.

Finally, we bake our pizzas in our custom-built brick ovens which capture the true Neapolitan flavor. The oven rotates the pizza over flames to create a crisp crust with a light char. Our ovens are set to 1000 degrees which means your pizza is cooked in about 2 minutes! And don’t forget we also offer made to order salads and wings!

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At 1000 Degrees Pizzeria, you get to create your own pizza. Choose your meats, veggies, sauces, and cheeses to customize it to your specifications. We even offer the option of selecting a gluten-free crust.
Once you make your selections, we fire it up for you!
Whether you decide on a regular 10-inch pizza or the larger 14-inch option, you’ll know that this pizza is perfect just for you.

Pizza Styles & Options

Our selection of meats is unparalleled in terms of quality and flavor. We offer everything from bacon to steak and several options in between.


Bacon • Crumbled Meatballs • Grilled Chicken • Italian Sausage • Pepperoni • Canadian Bacon • Steak
Crisp, fresh vegetables and olives, jalapenos, pineapple, and peppers add just the right amount of sweet or savory.


Bell Peppers • Black Olives • Fresh Tomatoes • Chopped Garlic • Fresh Basil • Jalapenos • Pineapple • Red Onions • Red Peppers • Broccoli • Mushrooms • Sun-Dried Tomatoes • Kalamata Olives • Spinach • Banana Peppers


What’s pizza without cheese? Our selection of cheeses, includes artisan-style cheeses made with quality ingredients which turn into mouth-watering goodness on your pizza.
Fresh Mozzarella • Shredded Mozzarella • Parmesan • Ricotta • Blue Cheese Crumble • Asiago • Mac & Cheese • Feta


We have an incredibly wide selection of sauces for your pizza. Our signature Marinara sauce is made with the finest tomatoes

Signature Marinara • Spicy Sriracha Marinara • Pesto Drizzle • Smokey Bourbon BBQ • Extra Virgin Olive Oil Drizzle • Buffalo Sauce • White Sauce • Ranch


Traditional Neapolitan (our favorite) • Roman (for a thicker crust) •*Gluten Free
*Our Gluten Free Dough is composed of a 100% Gluten free recipe. In addition, we also cook Gluten Free Pizzas on their OWN pan, and we use a separate gluten free only pizza cutter to slice them. Patrons who are extremely gluten sensitive should still use caution until they have tried our Gluten free pizza.